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The Worlds Oldest Piano Being Played

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Such Valuable Information For Parents

This is fascinating

Through the magic of technology you can actually hear a piece played on the same piano Beethoven played and perhaps composed on by John Broadwood.

This was a shocker!


I would give anything to be able to be at this auction with some of the most historic name brands the piano world will ever know.

John Broadwood would be SO proud

There's Always Hope

Very Interesting Article

Of course, I find this fascinating.  This is an example of the differences in manufacturing today as compared to the way it was in the late 1700s and early 1800s.  Great read:



Congrats to Dublin Piano Competition

Christian missionaries brought the instrument to China, and China fell in love with it.

Great Article on the First Pianos To Enter China

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Great Collection to Have

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It's Never To Late...

What were you doing at 4 years old?

Congratulations to John Broadwood Piano Company

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Determination At It's Finest !!!

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Jazz Pianist At 12 Really? Watch This Guy!!!

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This Is Initiative For Piano Movers