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There's Always Hope

Very Interesting Article

Of course, I find this fascinating.  This is an example of the differences in manufacturing today as compared to the way it was in the late 1700s and early 1800s.  Great read:



Congrats to Dublin Piano Competition

Christian missionaries brought the instrument to China, and China fell in love with it.

Great Article on the First Pianos To Enter China

Interesting Article

Great Collection to Have

A Cool UK Blog

It's Never To Late...

What were you doing at 4 years old?

Congratulations to John Broadwood Piano Company

Touching and Great Article

Determination At It's Finest !!!

Great Article on Unification

Jazz Pianist At 12 Really? Watch This Guy!!!

Piano Movers Are Still At It


This Is Initiative For Piano Movers

Where Is The Piano Business Headed?,news-21407.html

Great Article about Steinway Plates

Piano Prodigy found in Utah - Incredible

You gotta See This One

Only in San Francisco

The First Lady has Piano Aspirations

The first lady is going to start her piano lessons again.

Here's a funny story from Johnny Carson

What a way to start your career.  

Van Cliburn has passed away

One of the most famous classical pianist of all times has passed away

It's Finally Over

The end of the piano in Half Moon Bay

What a great article

It always pains me to see a piano die.  Very glad to see someone giving them new life.

Quincy Jones is at it again

Quincy Jones is introducing a new teaching series.

Happy Valentines Day in San Francisco

The piano in Half Moon Bay in San Francisco says goodbye to the mysterious piano. 

Very Sad End

Very Sad Ending